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    How will I be assessed?

    -        English Literature:   25% controlled assessment           75% examination

    -        English Language: 40% controlled assessment           60% examination

     What will I learn?

    -        You will practise and develop your reading, writing and speaking and listening skills for English Language and English Literature.

    You will:

    -        Read and respond to a number of texts (including novels, plays and poems) 

    -        Write for a variety of purposes and audiences; these might include letters, brochures, leaflets and speeches

    -        Take part in a range of speaking and listening tasks (including giving a presentation, group discussions and role plays)


     through thinking and forming your own opinions

    by reading

    by using your imagination

    by discussing ideas

    through group work

    through writing

    by researching  topics

    through planning and drafting your ideas

    1. GCSE Reading List 2015-2016
    2. Year 8 Reading List 2015-2016