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    Learning Support

    Learning Support

    Special Educational Needs and Disability at Langdon Park school.

    “All teachers are teachers of pupils with special educational needs. Teaching such pupils is therefore a whole school responsibility, requiring a whole school response.” OFSTED.

    Langdon Park has Inclusion at the centre of its ethos. Every teacher has responsibility in their classrooms for ensuring that every child has access to an appropriate curriculum and is supported to make progress to the very best of their ability. Teachers are trained and supported in this aim by the Learning support faculty.

    Identification Of SEN

     Most students with SEND become known to us during the Transition programme from their primary school. We consult with all the Tower Hamlets primary schools; attend reviews and visit students in their schools

    Students will take a reading test on entry and at the end of every year in KS3

     All students in year 7 take the Cognitive Abilities Test (CATs)

    We examine KS2 SATs results and monitor the progress of all students on the SEND register

    Teachers may register a concern which will be investigated by the SENCo at any point in a student’s schooling at Langdon park

    Parents may register a concern which will be investigated by the SENCO in the first instance.

    Students will be given support appropriate to their needs, this may include   Literacy intervention groups

    ·             Literacy intervention groups

    ·             Transition group (year 7)

    ·             Nurture groups at need

    ·             KS4 support option

    ·             6th Form Foundation learning Course

    ·             In class support from Teacher Assistants

    ·             Specialist teacher support in class based lessons

    ·             Specialist teacher small group teaching.

    ·             Behaviour support in the Learning support centre.

    ·             IEPs for all statemented students and some Action Plus students.

    ·             Reading partners with local business mentors

    ·             1-1 dyslexia identification and support

    ·             Special exam arrangements

    ·             Speech and language group support.

    ·             Support from outside agencies

    A full list of interventions is available in our SEND provision map.

    Any queries or concerns regarding SEND should be dealt with initially by the SENCo. The schools SEND link governor is: Paul Bargeree.

    Please click on link below to view our latest SEN report


    1. Langdon Park School SEN Report September 2014