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Remote Learning Donations

Massive thanks from LPS to all that have donated to the school


Remote Learning Donations

The worldwide pandemic has thrown a significant number of challenges at the world of education, none more significant than online/remote learning and access to devices that allow our students at Langdon Park the opportunities they deserve.   We insist that every student will graduate with the best qualifications, purpose, self- confidence, self- belief and a readiness to play a positive role within their local and the global community. Despite the challenges we have faced as a school and the barriers that have become even more apparent our relentless pursuit continues.

A significant number of our students and families initially struggled with access to appropriate IT and the internet.  Through donations from local, national, international businesses, local residents, local primary schools, the DFE and the Local Authority we have been able to provide our students with access to their online education.

Since April 2020 Langdon Park has distributed over 500 IT devices, significant internet access and training for parents.  We have also liaised with the local primary schools to help with providing IT hardware to almost 100 of their students and families.

Many of our donators who have included members of staff, ex-students, school governors and local residents have wished to remain anonymous.  We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the school and its students.

Langdon Park School would like to thank the following organisations for their generous donations that have made a significant difference to the engagement and progress made by our students in their pursuit of being the best possible learners they can be.

World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), Canary Wharf                 Laptops

Founder & Creative Director, Triflecreative                                                                  Laptops

KeolisAmey Docklands Ltd                                                                                                      Laptops

SCOR Services UK Ltd                                                                                                                Financial Donation              

Darwin Insurance - Direct Line Group                                                                             Application Support

Vodafone                                                                                                                                            Internet Access SIM cards

Spotlight Centre                                                                                                                            Tablets and IT training

BT Hotspots                                                                                                                                     Internet Access 

DVB Bank SE, London                                                                                                                Laptops

DFE                                                                                                                                                       Laptops/ Internet Access

LA                                                                                                                                                          Laptops

Stebon/Bygrove Primary Schools                                                                                     Desktop Computers

Tower Hamlets Police Force                                                                                                Collection support

Thank you from the students and families themselves:

 “Thank you for providing my son with a device. He is now able to do online schooling and is not missing out on education. He is only using the device for school work and nothing else I can assure you this.”

“Thank you for your help, without this my son would have suffered in education.”

“I just wanted to say where ‘x’ was missing out on online school work a big thank you for giving ‘x’ a Laptop as it has helped him catch-up and have access to his online learning for school.

We are most grateful and thanks again.”

“The laptop provided by LPS is very helpful for ‘x’; she is now very active doing her school work on time. I’d like to say thank you to {LPS} school for providing it for us at a time like this.”

“I would like to say thank you for giving me this laptop because it has made my life much easier when going on google classroom.”

“Being able to access things I can't with my phone. Thank you I appreciate you giving these to us.”

“I can type my work up! Thank you so much”

“Being able to do my work online has been amazing.  Thank you LPS.”

“I had no access to my online learning. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you so much for the donation very much appreciated. I now have access to a lot of websites to help with my learning.”