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Attendance Policy

Langdon Park School recognises high levels of attendance and punctuality to be prerequisites of a positive attitude and high achievement in education.

The school works in partnership with parents to ensure that students realise their potential, both academically and socially, through full attendance throughout their school career.

The Partnership Agreement sets out the separate responsibilities of the student, parent and school staff in promoting a high level of attendance.


Student and Parent responsibilities

The school day is outlined in the student planner, along with the student’s personal timetable.  A section on attendance and punctuality is also included.  Instructions on the recording of absence notes and advice on extended periods of absence during term time is also included in this section.  All reasons for absence should be written in the planner and signed by the parent/guardian.

Parents must notify the school by telephone on the first day of absence.

Students must return from absence with a signed note, written on the appropriate page of their planner.

Parents must request in writing to the Headteacher permission for exceptional absence.   The Headteacher has the discretion to refuse permission. It is the government's  and the local authority’s policy that holidays should not be taken in term time except in the most unusual circumstances. Schools can  no longer grant permission for holidays during term time in the way that they did before. Families who take children out of school during term time may now be liable to a substantial fine and should therefore avoid doing so


Punctuality & Lateness

It is essential that students arrive both for school and for lessons on time.  Arriving within the five minute morning registration time, students will be recorded late by the form tutor.  Students arriving after registration but during lesson one will be recorded late by the office, after the student has signed the ‘Students’ Late Book for their year group.


After lesson one (10.00 a.m.) a student will be marked as present for school purposes but absent for that session for legal and statistical purposes.


A student is late if they arrive after the register has started to be called and they are coded as (L).

Students who arrive after 10.50 a.m. are coded as (Z).

Students who arrive late to lessons, will receive sanctions from that subject area.

Students who are late for one or two sessions in a week will be detained by the tutor for up to twenty minutes.

Students who are late for three or more sessions in a week will be detained by the Head of Year (Deputy Head of Year) for up to one hour.

Persistent late-comers will be seen with their parents by the Head of Year and Line Managers to determine further sanctions where necessary.

Students arriving late will be allowed in lessons only if they have a late stamp in their planner or a late slip.


Form Tutor

It is the form tutor’s responsibility to record and monitor the attendance profile of the students in their charge, and to maintain a dialogue with parents over individual students.  Any problems associated with a student’s attendance and punctuality will be dealt with initially by them.  Form tutors will record on the computer OMR sheet, a student’s attendance, at both morning and afternoon registration.  Tutors should complete absence codes as soon as the absence code sheet is received.


Tutors are also responsible for administering the ‘Day Sheet’ which accompanies students to lessons and for completing the registration list on the Day Sheet. Among other things, the Day Sheet records attendance at these lessons throughout the day.  A key task is to monitor an individual’s profile from the marks/comments about attendance and punctuality made by individual subject teachers on these sheets and from the computer generated reports.


DO12s are sent by the office on a weekly basis for unexplained absence, even if the absence is for one session.

The office will record those DO12s that are sent out.

Form Tutors are expected to return OMRs to the office immediately following a registration.

Where tutors are not satisfied that an absence should be authorised, they should refer the matter to the HOY.


Heads of Year

Heads of Year and their deputies are responsible for the implementation of policy, ensuring a consistency throughout the year team, linking with the whole school policy.  A key function of their role is to monitor the attendance profile of the year as a whole and of particular individuals.  They are also responsible for suitably marking and rewarding very good attendance and punctuality, and for taking appropriate action, to change poor patterns.


Heads of Year will

  • Monitor their year group’s attendance and punctuality
  • Encourage regular attendance by using a range of sanctions and rewards.
  • Monitor letters sent home each half term for those students whose attendance falls below 90%. Generated by the office
  • Award certificates each half term for those students with or above 95%, and those students who are deemed to have shown considerable improvement. Generated by the office
  • Interview parents of students who have become an attendance concern; arrange further meetings involving Line Managers and Headteacher when necessary.
  • Meet with E.S.W. and Learning Mentor and feed back to tutors concerning these meetings
  • Use student attendance reports where appropriate
  • Inform tutors when absence should not be authorised
  • The office staff also assist by telephoning on the first day of absence and by generating attendance certificates and posting home letters of concern


The computer-generated reports from the attendance package assist this monitoring work.  Heads of Year are well placed to have a clear overview on attendance issues, have access to the parents of the year group, the ESW service and school/home support workers.  They will also inform policy through their meetings with senior management.  A central task is to meet regularly with the ESW to review individual profiles and to work closely with her/him should it be necessary to involve other external agencies. Heads of Year will be inducted to access information directly from the attendance computer.


School Administration Assistance (Attendance)

The School Administration Assistant is responsible for the day to day upkeep of the school attendance computer, with its associated disk backups.  On a regular basis s/he will input the various OMR sheets, generate new registers and code OMRs.  The assistant will also be responsible for recording late attendance, both a.m. and p.m. and will manually input any codings necessary in order to maintain an up to date database.  A key function will be to work with the Heads of Year to produce the reports requested for their monitoring work.  The administration assistant will also work closely with the designated senior manager, producing requested reports and statistics.  The assistant will also be used to telephone on matters of attendance when requested. The school also employs a full time attendance and welfare officer who is responsible for working to address any serious attendance issues with children and their families.


Senior Management

The senior manager responsible for over seeing attendance will inform the Headteacher on a regular basis of matters associated with attendance issues.  S/He will also be the key link person for the DFE and local authority and will ensure that accurate and appropriate records and reports are maintained, filed and distributed.