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What will I study in this subject?

  • A range of drama skills: physical theatre, mime, cross-cutting, monologues, thoughts aloud.
  • Study key drama practitioners: Stanislavski, Artaud, and Brecht.
  • Devise improvisations: develop strong dialogue 
  • Perform scripts, studying a variety of genres/time periods

How is my work assessed?

Component 1 (40%): Written Exam 

Section A – Theatre Roles and Terminology (multiple choice questions)

Section B – Study of a Set Text i.e. Blood Brothers (short and extended questions)

Section B – Live Theatre Production (one extended question)

Component 2 (40%): Devising Drama

Practical: Create a 15-20 minute devised performance based on a stimulus given to you.                             

Written: Write a ‘Devising Log’, which analyses and evaluates the choices you made throughout the devising process.

Component 3 (20%): Texts in Practice

Practical: Apply theatrical skills to realise artistic intentions of a live performance of a script. Between 2 – 20 minute performances depending on the size of your group.

What can I expect?

  • Gain confidence as an individual
  • Learn how to engage and interest an audience
  • Create high quality and professional performance
  • Develop communication skills, problem solving and creativity
  • Develop resilience, determination and character through performance and feedback
  • Make bonds and friendships with people you may never have known before 

What we expect from our students:

  • Excellent attendance and punctuality
  • 100% effort and commitment to the subject
  • Respect and support to other performers
  • Complete all homework and meet all coursework deadlines
  • Be co-operative and work well as a team member
  • Be reliable and attend extra rehearsals
  • Use feedback to challenge and improve the quality of work 
  • Take risks 
  • Be prepared to work hard and in turn achieve high results

Useful links for students: