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Religious Studies

In RE, we inspire students to be confident, inclusive and analytical learners who show respect and kindness towards all individuals.

Year 7

RE Yr07 T1 Christianity-  How do Christian beliefs influence the lives of Christian followers today?

RE Yr07 T3 Judaism -Are Jewish beliefs still applicable to contemporary society?

RE Yr07 T5 Islam - Are Muslim beliefs and actions completely divergent to other Abrahamic Faiths?

Year 8

RE Yr08 T1 Humanism and Ultimate Questions-  Can we be good people without belonging to an organised religion?  Can there be compatibility between non religious views?

RE Yr08 T3 Religions around the world- How do religious beliefs and customs vary across the world?

RE Yr08 T5 Religion in Contemporary Society-Does religion have an impact on affecting an individuals’ personal responsibility towards societal issues today?

Year 9

RE Yr09 T1 Buddhism-Can Buddhism’s position as a non theistic religion impact how followers practise their faith?

RE Yr09 T3 Thematic Issues-Do Muslims and Christians have consensus on different matters and controversial issues?

RE Yr09 T5 Reflecting on KS3 RE- How do I feel about my learning in KS3 RE?

Year 10

RE Yr10 T1 Christianity- How did some of the major themes in Christianity originate?

RE Yr10 T2 Christianity- Can there be choice and flexibility in how Christians practise their faith today?

RE Yr10 T3 and T4 Christianity -How can religious beliefs impact a Christians approach towards marriage and family?

RE Yr10 T5 and T6 Christianity- Do Christians have a religious obligation to ensure that the sanctity of life and the world is preserved for all?

Year 11

RE Yr11 T1 Islam- Do the similarities between Sunni and Shia Muslim beliefs outweigh the differences?

RE Yr11 T2 Islam-Are beliefs and actions in Islam equally important for all Muslims?

RE Yr11 T3 Islam-How do Islamic teachings on crime and justice impact Muslim approaches towards forgiveness and punishment?

RE Yr11 T4 Islam- Why is peace significant in Islam and how are Muslim teachings about peace applied in the contemporary world?


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