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Scholars Programme

our Scholars Programme offers a bespoke, individualised programme of support to students who achieved highly at GCSE (5 GCSE grades at 6+) and hope to attend a Russell Group university or enter the most competitive degree courses and school leaver programmes. 

See our Scholars programme summary below, which includes sections on applying to medicine and to Oxbridge. 

We take a group of the highest achieving students to Oxford for a residential at the beginning of Year 12 – attending their open day helps to raise their aspirations, and spending additional time in Oxford gives us a chance to get to know them better so that we can begin to provide them with that individualised support. 

The core university programmes these students will be directed to are:

Realising Opportunities

Sutton Trust summer schools in the UK and their US Programme

UNIQ at the University of Oxford

We also provide‚Äč advice and guidance to students at Key Stage 4 to ensure that they are able to take advantage of the opportunities available at our university partners. See below the opportunities Year 11 students were encouraged to apply for this year.