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​​​​ Tutorial and Assembly Programme

At Langdon Park students receive 20 minutes of tutorial time each morning. This is an opportunity for tutors to set the expectation for the day as well check students are fully equipped for learning. Our tutorial programme is delivered like any LPS lesson as part of a programme in place from year 7-13. It is closely linked to our 8 SDC strands and includes the following:

  • Student Bulletin
  • 2 lessons of RSHE
  • The Big Read
  • Year Group Assembly

Student Bulletin 

Our student bulletin is delivered by tutors at the beginning of the week to ensure students are aware of any upcoming SDC and global events. Staff from across the school contribute to the bulletin on a weekly basis and includes the following:

  • Rewards and achievement
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour and Expectations
  • Safeguarding and student wellbeing
  • Career of the week
  • Current Affairs
  • Enrichment and Trips

You can view all our student bulletins below:

Bulletins Term 1 
Bulletins TERM 2 
Bulletins Term 4 



Through our tutorial programme students receive 40 minutes of RSHE per week, as well as three drop down days across the academic year. The RSHE curriculum has a thematic approach allowing students to develop their knowledge in an age-appropriate manner and help them to become inclusive learners. All tutors are provided with specialist training to ensure they can deliver challenging topics effectively. In the first RSHE lesson of the week students are delivered key content by the tutor, which is then followed up and reviewed in lesson 2 through debates and discussions.

For further information on our RSHE curriculum please view the RSHE section HERE. 

The Big Read:

The aim of The Big Read is to develop and sustain reading habits that equip students with the experiences and understanding of themselves and the world around them needed to succeed. Each year group has a number of age appropriate books to read across the academic year. These are read by the tutor to model effective reading. Once the book has been read students engage in book reviews which they share with the year group. This is in addition to students completing their own independent reading.  

Year 7:

  • The Night Diary
  • Island
  • The Infinite

Year 8:

  • When stars are scattered
  • Marcus Rashford - You are a champion
  • Kick

Year 9:

  • The Kill a Mockingbird
  • Anne Frank – Diary of a young girl

Year 10:

  • Barack Obama
  • I am Malala

Assembly Programme:

Our assembly programme compliments our tutorial programme through weekly character-based themes that link closely with national and international events highlighted on our SDC calendar. In addition to our weekly assemblies, we have 6 whole school assemblies responding to the needs of our community based on current affairs and contextual issues.

Please click here to view our Assembly Programme