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CDD Days (Drop Down Days)

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18th November 2021 

We hosted our first Drop Down Day of the academic year, what a day it was! Amazing, active with activities everywhere from Boxing to revision techniques. All in the aid of supporting our student’s wellbeing. At LPS we strongly believe in supporting and equipping our students now, so they have the tools and resources to support themselves now and in the future.

Students were fully engaged, and invested in the events, enjoying every aspect of the day, a alternative way to learn enriching the knowledge they explored during form time. Asking and answering questions, and taking the lead to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. Various facilitators graced our school amazed by the way our students embraced the 4BEs, and would love to attend and further support our students.

​Charities such as Osmani Trust, St Giles, PWR Charity, Spotlight, England Boxing Coaches, Tender and Freedom Charity along with Safe East and our local police officers who put on a range of engaging workshops throughout the course of the day, providing students with much needed information so that they can make informed decisions. As always, the staff did a brilliant job.

Some of the quotes from the facilitators include:

“Really engaged students who showed keenness” PWR Charity - (Year 9)
“Excellent organisation, well supported, really well looked after. Students were engaged and responsive. Would happily return” Tender (Year 7)
 “Friendly staff – everybody so helpful. Positive environment, really engaged pupils and staff” Tender (Year 7)
“Professional experience, enjoyed it thoroughly” Osmani Trust (Year 10 & 11)
“Always a pleasure to work with the school. Students behaved lovely, and shared mature, constructive thoughts/feelings” Year 7
“Brilliant to see students receiving such varied and important workshops” Year 7
“Great to have the whole school talking about physical and emotional wellbeing” Limehouse Boxing Club (Year 9)

9th March 2022 

Another Fabulous & fantastic Drop-Down Day at LPS. So many wonderful organisation supporting the our quest of improving pupils personal development.  The theme this term was Diversity, Discrimination, and Careers. The organisations included, and who are no strangers to supporting us were:

  • Johnsons Hotel Restaurant and Catering Linen
  • JSM Developers
  • Limehouse Boxing Academy
  • Chain Reactions

We were extremely pleased to welcome some new external providers:

  • Jermaine Harris 
  • Voicebox
  • Hope Not Hate
  •  Upfront Theatre Company who has been with us the previous week, and again supporting us on the Drop-Down Day 

Pupils experienced a number of different workshops broadening their knowledge of life so that they are equipped to make more informed choices throughout transitional periods of their life.

We can proudly state that this was on the whole a mutually great experience for facilitators and pupils alike.

Some facilitators quotes:

"Enjoyable day, kids on the whole were great"

"A wonderful and positive school where pupils want to contribute"

"A productive series of workshops. I felt the students gained a lot from the day. Lovely staff and welcome environment"

"Pleased at students contributions shows how hard the teachers work, would like to help in other ways if possible"

"A very enjoyable day, and the students asked plenty of relevant questions which was much appreciated and made for an engaging session. The organisation was excellent".

"I had a good experience, and it was a pleasure to do the presentation"

18th July 2022 

Our final RSHE Drop Down Day of the academic year was a great day had by all. Despite the heatwave, our students ploughed on with great enthusiasm. The theme, 'Being Safe' was, most appropriate with the fast-approaching 6-week holiday. Some of the sessions were very interactive which the students enjoyed, but more importantly, they were given information, strategies on how to be and keep safe. 

A huge thank you to the facilitators for supporting us:

  • Freedom Charity
  • The Salam Project
  • Halfmoon Theatre
  • Safe East
  • S.A.M.E Project
  • Chain Reaction
  • London Transport Museum 
  • Metropolitan Police
  • British Red Cross

Some of the teachers and students quotes about the workshops included:

“Very informative and will help protect the community” (Safe East)

“The different forms of learning, active, visual, auditory all made for an engaging session” (Halfmoon Theatre)

 “The programme was well-delivered, ensuring students were interactive and engaging in activities that made sure they were thinking about the topic and discussing with their peers” (Chain Reaction)

It was very educational” (Halfmoon Theatre)

Presenter was child-friendly and positive. Students have lots of opportunities to give their opinions (British Red Cross)

“Cutting should be heavily addressed” (Freedom Charity)

“Students were engaged and respectful throughout, they feel more aware of what happens. They were shocked by what happens but generally liked the workshop” (Freedom charity)

“I can use this information in the future” (British Red Cross)

“Really fantastic and interesting - really made me think” (British Red Cross)

“Workshop was engaging and informative” (LT Museum)

“Interesting facts” (LT Museum)

“A practical well-presented workshop which the students enjoyed and learnt a lot” (S.A.M.E. Academy)

“The workshop was informative, engaging and well-pitched. The real-life case studies were particularly impactful and effective” (S.A.M.E Academy)

“Educational and raised awareness” (Safe East)

“Drugs can be hidden in the body” (Salam Project)

7th December 2022 

A funtastic, educational, informative, enriching and inclusive RSHE Drop Day experienced by all. Students were engaged asking valid questions to enhance their understanding of the various topics delivered. The facilitators were brilliant challenging and clarifying misconceptions to ensure students are fully informed. Thank you to some of the parents who attended to observe a range of activities that were available that day from physical fitness, lifesaving skills including CPR to sexual health. A huge thank you to S.A.M.E Academy, Hope NOT Hate, RESPECT ME, Education for Choice, Safe East, Brook, N20 Know the Risks, Jermaine Harris, our PE Department, British Red Cross, Omani Trust and Tower Hamlets VPC

Some comments by our students

We gain a good understanding of how being healthy affects our mental health

The range of activities help us learn in different ways

Respect Me Workshop taught me not to compare myself to others

The different sessions were very educational and fun

Do not give up, have a positive mindset Jermaine Harris Workshop

I feel confident about being able to say what consent is Education for Choice

Jermaine Harris was educational and motivational

Education for Choice students felt they can apply this to real life.

Some of the conversations were difficult to have but must be had. Brook

28th March 2023 

Fantastic, engaging, informative and interactive workshop providing life long skills and knowledge that's how to describe our second Drop Down Day, of the academic year. 

The workshops were fact-based and aims to help pupils make smart, safe decisions. Facilitators were excellent at challenging misconceptions, informing pupils how to keep safe in relationships in all context, including online. At LPS we feel confident that our pupils are able to recognise when relationships are harmful​ and where to go to get support.

Below are quotes about the workshops from teachers and students:


I learnt a lot about how to help people in an emergency”

“Always be prepared for CPR when someone is unconscious”

“Crucial in life”

“It was fun and entertaining yet informative at the same time”

“It was a fun lesson, delivered with a lot of information that can help us in the future”

“Great workshop which was extremely informative for the pupils. The interactive element was nice to get students out of seats”.  Teacher

“The workshop was useful as students had the opportunity to practice on dummies and try bandages on each other which meant they were engaged”. Teacher

The facilitator was amazing! Teacher

Respect Me

“Turn on your privacy settings” Online Safety
 “Very educational as we were given different statistics and facts about bullying”.  

Hope Not Hate

“Don’t stereotype boys and girls because of their clothing” Stereotypes  

“Let people be and don’t make them feel bad for who they are”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

‘I think that it was important that we are aware of these’

‘I think that it is important to recognise that society is sometimes not open-minded about boys and girls.’

‘In the future, we will try not to make stereotypes'.

 ‘Don’t judge people just on their looks’

‘This lesson was important because it shows that stereotypes are negative and we shouldn’t do it but everyone does it’.

Resources were clear and engaging.  Students had some good responses and the length of the session was good. Teacher

 St Giles

 “Very entertaining and real especially from personal perspectives” 

“Very informative and makes you think how it is easy to be influenced”

“Groom can take various forms but begins with someone being a target”

“Clips from prisoners on social media shows 30 sec of their life in a 24hour day, they appear to be happy but are not, they just put a mask on prison is not a nice place”.

“Very good and informative. The students were engaged throughout and the tutors resonated with children through good use of stories and information eloquently relayed with a message of self-nurturing and seeking help and advice whenever required”. Teacher

"Relatable, lived experience shared with students, session was interactive and student participated well" Teacher


“It is normal not to have a period by age 14/15. But if worried speak your parents and see a doctor”. Brook

“Some adults don’t have sex. That’s perfectly normal”.

“I thought this workshop was really good and educational. The session was informative and I think it’s important to discuss” 

“it was relevant to us and especially at our age when these things are affecting us even if not directly”

“now I have advice on how to make decisions in life”

‘Consent is key’

Let Me Know

I felt very comfortable expressing my views. Very informative and engaging.’

‘Very interactive, the speakers were respectful and encouraging’


"The two presenters were engaging and did a wonderful job answering student questions". Teacher