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Careers Tutor Programme

The careers education curriculum will be delivered across 6 extended tutorial sessions over the academic year.  The purpose of the curriculum is to ensure that our students are fully equipped with the necessary information allowing them to make more informed choices at each key stage in LPS.

A curriculum has been created which is tailored to each year group based on their intended outcomes. It is designed to support our students to overcome certain challenges they may face at each important transition point.  Through the careers curriculum our students will:

  • explore and build on their character, skills and traits at KS3;
  • make informative decision on their KS4 options;
  • develop a stronger understanding of financial literacy at KS5, supporting them with their journey at university and managing their household budgets.

The careers tutor program is also designed to ensure that we are meeting the Bakers Clause.

Each year the group will have a core theme and the themes are linked to the 4Bs and the SDC strands.  Please explore the themes below to see what our students will be learning.

The Extended Tutorial dates are as follows:

  • 4th October 2022
  • 30th November 2022
  • 26th January 2023
  • 16th March 2023
  • 9th May 2023
  • 19th June 2023
  • 18th October 2023
  • 28th November 2023
  • 31st January 2024
  • 27th March 2024
  • 24th May 2024
  • 17th July 2024 
Year 7 

 Exploring personal skills and qualities

 Students will be exploring skills and qualities that they possess and the importance of developing these further leading the students to have a successful career.  Students will be introduced to a variety of topics designed to support them making those decisions.  All Y7 students will be introduced to START – our online careers platform designed to guide them on their journey to a successful career.

 Topics to be delivered:

  1. Careers and your future.
  2. Transition points and your life.
  3. Personal qualities and skills.
  4. Finding Careers Information.
  5. Careers Management.
  6. Character traits and skills.
Year 8 

 Exploring future career and qualification pathways

Throughout the academic year our students will be learning about the different types of careers that they can one day pursue . Students  will also develop an understanding of the skills and attributes required to be successful in those careers.  This process will help our students to make more informed decisions when they are choosing their KS4 options in Y9.  Students will be encouraged to choose their subjects based on the careers they would one day like to pursue.

Topics to be delivered:

  1. Career interest and Job Ideas.
  2. Labour Market Information.
  3. Exploring careers.
  4. Making a decision about KS4.
  5. Option subjects.
  6. Qualification and pathways.
Year 9 

Exploring the labour market and organisational structures

Students will be learning about themselves and the values they hold.  Students will also learn about the different types of jobs and opportunities accessible to them and how the structure of a business is formed.  This will allow you to see where you would like to be when you eventually graduate from LPS.

Topics to be delivered:

  1. Understanding the Work-Place.
  2. Jobs and opportunities.
  3. Standard Occupation Classifications.
  4. Business Structures.
  5. Work Hierarchy and structures.
  6. Diversity, Equality and Stereotyping.
Year 10 

Developing personal finance capabilities and understanding their employment rights

Students will be learning about money and the concept of savings.  Students will also learn about key financial documents and their rights as an employee and a consumer.  This will support our students' preparation for work if they decide to seek employment post 16.

Topics to be delivered:

  1. Saving and Managing Money.
  2. Employment and Financial Management.
  3. Employability Skills Practice.
  4. Targeted Advertising and Your Data.
  5. Exploring a Paycheck.
  6. Employment Rights.
Year 11 

Exploring post -16 options and key recruitment documents

Students will be working on developing their “brand” to make our students a stronger candidate for potential employees or a sixth-form/college student.  To support our students  in the process they will learn about post 16 options, how to write a CV and perfecting their interview technique.

Topics to be delivered:

  1. Post 16 options.
  2. Planning for the future.
  3. Personal branding.
  4. Writing a personal statement.
  5. CV writing.
  6. Making application post 16.
Year 12 

  Exploring life beyond school 1 - Exploring financial education

Students will be developing their understanding of financial education and economics.  Students will learn about some key financial institutions and the roles they play in society.   Students will also learn about key economic factors and variables that will impact their ability to manage money and their future career.

Topics to delivered:

  1. The UK tax system explained.
  2. The role of Banks and Money.
  3. Different types of employment and paperwork.
  4. What is debt?
  5. Understanding inflation.
  6. Income, state benefits & Coronavirus.
Year 13 

Exploring life beyond school 2 – Using your money wisely

Students will learn about the different methods of financial transaction and the risks associated with it.  Our students also will learn about managing their own budgets which will be extremely important when they are working or simply managing their household finances.  Finally, students will be developing their understanding of foreign currencies which will be particularly important for students who wish to study or work abroad. 

Topics to delivered:

  1. Payment Methods.
  2. Managing a household budget.
  3. Borrowing money and the risks.
  4. How to make the most from your money.
  5. Understanding foreign currency
Sixth Form Foundation Learners 

Student’s will be exploring the skills needed in a work place to ensure that they become successful employees.  In addition to this the topics to be delivered will support our students work towards the ASDAN Level 1 Award in Employability.

 Topics to be delivered:

1.       Enterprise.

2.       Exploring job opportunities.

3.       Career exploration.

4.       Applying for a job.

5.       Maintaining work standards.

6.       Learning through work experience.