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Charging and Remissions Policy


It is the intention of the Governing Body of Langdon Park School, through this documentation, to communicate and make available to all parents and carers the school’s Policy on Charging.   

This policy aims to: 

  • Highlight the basis on which charges are made.
  • Clarify the eligibility criteria for support.
  • Communicate the changes to the charging possibilities, brought about by the Education and Inspections Act 2006, in respect to music tuition.

Education during School Hours:

No charge or voluntary contribution is levied as part of the admissions process to the school. No charges will be made in respect of school activities that take place largely during the school day except in respect of music tuition (see below).  This includes the costs of materials, equipment and transport provided in school hours to carry pupils to activities. School time does not include lunchtime.

Music Tuition (Instrumental and Vocal):

A charge will be made for both individual and group tuition regardless of group size subject to the following exceptions:

  • no charge will be made to looked after children;
  • no charge will be made for music tuition that takes place as part of the National Curriculum or as part of the first time in which the whole class engages with the KS3-5 programme of Instrumental and Vocal Tuition or Wider Opportunities. 

These exemptions do not apply for tuition outside of the school day, weekends and during school holidays. This also applies to looked after children.

Where charges are made it will include all teaching costs and the cost of sheet music and any other relevant items such as the hire and insurance of musical instruments. It is the intention of the Governing Body that charges do not result in a ‘profit’ for the school. Charges will not be made at a level to cover a loss of income due to the above exemptions and the remissions described below.

Charges will be remitted in full for those pupils who are eligible for free school meals. 

This full remission extends to those pupils already receiving free tuition but who could be charged for under the new arrangements. The Governors stress that such pupils will not be disadvantaged by the new arrangements and instead of charging, parents/carers will be asked to make a voluntary contribution based on the actual costs of tuition.

Costs of Enrichment Activities / Educational Visits:

The school believes that school visits, trips and other enrichment activities certainly enhance the pupils learning experiences and broaden their knowledge

Charges will only be made for the costs if they are largely out of school time and are not required by the National Curriculum, the syllabus for a public examination or for statutory religious education purposes. Although parents/carers may be asked to make a voluntary contribution based on the actual costs of the visits or enrichment activities, no pupils will be excluded from an activity because parents are unable or do not wish to make this contribution.  

Residential Board and Lodging:

Where a school activity requires pupils to spend nights away from home the school will request a voluntary contribution charge to cover board and lodging costs whether or not the residential trip is deemed to have taken place in school hours. Remission, in consultation with the Headteacher, will be made for those pupils who are deemed eligible.


Charging for Finished Products:

A charge may be levied to cover the costs of materials/ingredients for subjects such as design or food technology.  

Parents/carers are asked by the school for a voluntary donation to cover the costs of the vast amounts of consumable materials the children are engaged in working with. 

Voluntary Contributions: 

Although the school will not charge for school time activities, apart from music tuition as above, at times parents are invited to make a voluntary contribution. It will always be made clear that payment is purely on a voluntary basis and that the children of parents/carers who do not make this contribution will not be treated any differently to children of parents and carers that do. 

Where there is a shortfall in money received relative to the cost of the activity the Headteacher will decide on whether to make up the shortfall from their delegated budget and/or other school funds or cancel the proposed activity. 

Charges or voluntary contributions requested will not exceed the actual cost of the activity. For example the school are not permitted  to charge more than the actual cost per pupil to cover any cases that are remitted or to allow for none payment of voluntary contributions.



The school organises swimming lessons for children in Key Stage 3. These take place in school time and are part of the National Curriculum. Charges for this activity are not made. We inform parents when these lessons are to take place, and we ask parents for their written permission for their child to take part in swimming lessons.

Damage / Breakages

In cases of willful or malicious damage to equipment or breakages or loss to school property on loan to pupils, the Headteacher in consultation with the Chair of Governors, when required, will decide whether a charge should be made. 

Non residential Visits:

Charges will be levied where the activities are provided wholly or mainly outside of school hours and where they are not a necessary part of the National Curriculum or syllabus for an approved examination or religious education. The charges will include:

  • travel cost
  • materials, books, instruments, and any other equipment
  • any additional staff costs
  • entrance fees to facilities insurance costs.

Monitoring and Review

The school’s Charging Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis; in order that we take account of new initiatives, revised Local Authority procedures and Government Legislation.


Reviewed by: Kathrin Meinicke

Next review date: Summer Term 2020