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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Support


Parent support zoom group

  • Peer support
  • Get information around substances
  • Get information around substance use
  •  Discuss concerns with a friendly non judgemental professional
  •  Understand why young people use drugs and alcohol
  • Risk factors and protective factors
  •  How to support your child
  • Advice and Guidance ➢ Sign posting to other services

 Access to further help and support Tuesday at 11am 

Venue: Zoom -To get the link please contact or

You can call Safe East: 020 3954 0091 for more information


Safe East is a team of professionals helping young people to take control of their health and make safer, healthier choices. They support  to 10-19 year olds who live or study in Tower Hamlets. Also those aged up to 25 if in the care system, have special educational needs or have a disability.
Safe East provides help with:

  • substance misuse: information, advice and support
  • sex: issues around consent and relationships, contraception, testing and treatment for STIs

Website: Safe East
Tel: 020 3954 0091