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Early Career Teachers (ECTs)

ECT Programme 2022-23

Intent, Implementation and Impact



  • To effectively monitor and quality assure the support mentors provide ECTs so that they progress in line with expectations  
  • To develop the ECTs understanding of pedagogy, the teachers’ standards and characteristics of outstanding teaching, so their attitudes and behaviours positively impact on our students’ progress, outcomes and well-being.
  • To develop a critically reflective culture amongst the ECTs, so they are reflective and critical of their own practice and develop a passion for improving their teaching.


  • Clear expectations and standards given to mentors regarding the support they need to provide for the ECT’s in their care. (CPD)
  • ECTs will be observed 6 times throughout the academic year. Term1,3 & 5 will be an observation with their mentor. Terms 2, 4 & 6 will be an observation with both mentor and ECT lead.
  • ECTs will be given coaching pairs where they will discuss their experiences within the classroom and formulate solutions. Guidance will be given to the staff. (CPD)
  • Peer observations will take place once every half-term, so ECTs can observe and offer feedback on pedagogy. This will help guide their coaching conversations. ECTs will be expected to write up feedback from the lesson.
  • Cluster learning walks will be introduced which will link with the whole school QET.
  • Links with primary schools will be developed to provide ECTs with a greater understanding of the starting points of our students, and to also increase the frequency of observing teaching practice across different key stages.


  • All ECTs will become increasingly confident in pedagogy and teaching the ‘LPS way’ which in turn will improve outcomes for students and safeguard their education.
  • A culture of reflection will be created, and all ECTs will continue to share best practice and be open-minded to peer feedback.
  • Instructional coaching, as introduced in the QET improvements for 2022-23, will become part of the ECT provision