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Hope NOT Hate

Not only did Hope NOT Hate support us on the Drop Down Day, but they have been and will be completing individual workshops with different year groups throughout the remainder of the academic year. Students have found the session a true eye-opener.

Our students will have completed and will complete sessions on:

Power and Prejudice:  This workshop develops students’ understanding of how inequality often starts from birth, and explores embedded historical power structures in society that prevent genuine equality. We challenge the class on how they could even (unwittingly) be contributing to these inequalities or prejudices without realising.

"The Power and Prejudice workshop challenged our opinions on different situations where our views of right and wrong. I felt the like the fact that it was an interactive session kept everyone engaged." Year 12 Student

Harmful Language: By using the Pyramid of Hate, the workshop educates the class as to how these phrases help re-enforce discrimination and stereotypes as well as normalising prejudge. Aims to firstly encourage the pupils to stop using the phrases and also to empower them to challenge their friends to do the same.

Stereotypes: This workshop uses games to challenge the assumptions we sometimes make about all the people in one group, and how some of those assumptions can be false. We are able to focus this workshop onto perceptions of what are extremists if a school believe their pupils need help on this topic.