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Independent Reading

 How often should I be reading?

Simply, as much as possible. We encourage all students to aim to read at least 2—3 times a day for 20 minutes. This can include reading on your own, or reading aloud to a parent or relative.

How will my reading be supported?

Class teachers:

All LPS teachers are being ambitious in terms of how their students think/speak, read and write. Students will be exposed to more challenging and engaging texts to read inside and outside of lessons, some of which will go beyond the school curriculum.

Form tutors:

Students will be expected to have their own reading book every day and this will be checked as part of their LP3 (planner, pencil case, reading book) every morning. The library is open from 8AM – 4PM every day for you to receive support on what books to read. Form tutors will remind students that the library is open during break time and lunchtime if they wish to seek advice or exchange a book.

Accelerated Reader:

Accelerated Reader supports independent reading by recommending appropriate books. Students from Year 7 – Year 9 will have logins and all books on the system can be found in our library. When students have finished reading their book, they can take quizzes and track their progress online.  

 To model effective reading and develop a love for reading, form tutors will also read a selection of books to our students. These can be seen below:

Year 7 Suggested Reading list 


Year 8 Suggested Reading List 

Year 9 Suggested Reading List 


 More books and audiobooks

Here are websites offering free online books and audiobooks

If you don´t have internet access please contact us and we will supply free copies. 

Guidance for parents

Here are a few other tips that you might try:

  • Read together with your child, reading out loud in turns. Could your child read to a younger sibling?
  • Try to keep the reading sessions fun and relaxed, perhaps by using different voices, or acting out scenes.
  • Ask questions and discuss the storyline, characters, language, setting. Guess what is going to happen.
  • Keep praising your child, especially when they find reading difficult.