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Independent Study

Students can have up to three 100 minute lessons each day, but it's more likely that you will have two lessons and a study period. Sixth form courses require students to undertake a great deal of independent study, and there is an expectation that students complete reading, research and homework tasks when they do not have a timetabled lesson. 

It is generally acknowledged that A Level students need to complete 15 – 20 hours of independent study a week in order to be successful. If you want to aim for top grades and one of the more competitive universities, you should be aiming for 20 hours.

We timetable supervised sessions in the study centre to ensure students have a quiet place in which to do their work. Students can choose between a silent working area and groupwork areas, depending on the type of work they want to complete. There are PCs available, and students may also use their laptops (we connect you to the school wifi to facilitate your study).

When you join Year 12, you will be introduced to the types of activity you can complete in these periods, and we will support you in developing your independent study skills.

There are a variety of materials for you to use in Google Classroom, and in the the 'Academic Extension' section of the website. We have also purchased books for the sixth form library which can broaden and enrich your subject knowledge, and ones which you can read for pleasure and to widen your general knowledge. We expect all students to have at least one library book on loan at any given time.

When you have finished your exams in Year 13, we then work with you to introduce you to the types of learning you will experience at university, where you will complete the majority of your work independently. We offer workshops and support materials to help you prepare for this, such as academic writing guides, advice on using library facilities effectively and taking lecture notes.