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Our vision is that Langdon Park School will be widely respected as a community school that offers students a life changing education. Our purpose is to inspire, ignite and unlock the creativity and imagination of every child and adult in our community. Pedagogy and professionalism are the driving forces in our School. Adults and Students value excellence, tolerance, understanding, collaboration and self-improvement. From a relentless focus on learning will emerge a sense of confidence, curiosity, resilience and determination to meet the challenges of the Modern World.  Everyone will reflect upon and articulate their personal learning journey. We will have a shared purpose, a shared language and a relentless formative culture that challenges everyone to grow, improve, support and raise standards.


Every student will graduate with the best qualifications, purpose, self-confidence, self-belief and a readiness to play a positive role within their local and the global community. 

Our Learning Culture is underpinned by four principles:


Our relentless pursuit of high standards and expectations.

Adults model high standards, routines and uphold our Code of Conduct and in turn students meet the requirements and demands of working and learning in a high performing organisation. Staff engage fully in the pursuit of their personal and the collective goals of the School. Every staff member is held to account in maintaining safety, a sense of common purpose and upholding the high professional standards as demanded by Students and Parents.  As a result, student outcomes continue to rise.


Our commitment to ensure equality of opportunity and celebrate diversity.

We are driven by a sense of empathy, genuine care, collaboration and acceptance of difference. Langdon Park is a welcoming environment which celebrates achievement throughout the School. Students, parents, staff and our local community have a voice in shaping the future of our School. Every member understands their responsibility to each other, the School and wider community. We place well-being at the heart of our daily actions.


Our commitment to reflect and develop our craft so students succeed. 

Adults are reflective professionals with a pedagogy informed by experience and expertise. We are all dedicated to being formative in the sense of receiving and facilitating feedback to continually improve and grow our learning, capability and attainment. Our belief is that through an engaged, evidence-informed focus on learning, the life-chances and long-term attainment of our students will be secure. All learning and teaching at Langdon Park School is informed by three principles of Formative Assessment: Where are we in our learning now? Where do we want to be? How will we get there?

Staff have expertise in the knowledge, skills and habits of mind in their respective disciplines. The knowledge is born from a reflection of study, experience and a love for their subject and learning in general. Teachers emanate and model their passion for learning to inspire and ignite curiosity in every student.


Our desire for students to acquire powerful knowledge so they become independent critical thinkers able to make informed choices and secure a bright future.

The curriculum is meticulously planned to have meaning, purpose and clear success criteria. Students experience learning opportunities between and betwixt the classrooms. This includes but is not limited to enrichment activities, sports and cultural participation which supplements and complements our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The curriculum refers, in the broadest sense, to the education of the entire student – from manners and character to motivation and the education of the imagination. 

Students will learn about the wonders of the world, develop their vocabulary and skills, through experience and a love of reading. As their knowledge grows so will their ability to apply this to their chosen career pathways and allow them to be safe and happy.



Mr N Langham