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Previous Events

At LPS we pride ourselves on the quality of RSHE sessions during tutorial, using various activities to engage and enthuse our pupils to improve quality of discussions during debates. However, having a live performance makes a world of difference. Upfront Theatre Company returned to LPS  Friday 10th March, with a GREAT performance on issues ranging from bullying, consent to sexual harassment. It was a real eye-opener for teachers and pupils alike, as it made these subjects come to life, seeing how they play out in real life. Seeing, and feeling the range of emotions, actions and how people respond, and what this may look like in real life was a real eye-opener. The actors were relatable using the language that young people use, funny, and then the actors flipped the script to be more serious within minutes.It was reassuring that our year 9 and 10 pupils were able to recognise the signs of positive and negative relationship, and where they can go for support both internally and externally. 

An absolutely brilliant performance by Upfront Theatre.

Teachers comments:

"I thought the play / workshop was excellent, students were engaged, enjoyed themselves and this was evident from the discussions at the end. Many students were putting their hands up to answer the questions to the point the performers did not have enough time to go around everyone". 

"Saying ‘Yes’ to sex does not always mean consent".​

Wednesday 22nd February: Year 10 pupils  completed a workshop by Let Me Know (LMK) who are an education charity to promote good relationships as they shape health and happiness. LMK run workshops educating young people about healthy and unhealthy behaviours empowering them to thrive in their relationships and avoid abuse  

Friday 10th February 2023: Hope Not Hate  completed workshops on Day to Day Sexism with Year 7s the aim was to counter the “Manosphere” and anti-feminist narrative that is becoming more prevalent online. We ask the simple question “Do we live in a sexist society?”

Friday 3rd February 2023: PART 2 of the healthy and unhealthy relationship workshop provided by Let Me Know (LMK) promoting healthy relationships in all context.

18th October 2022: The Riot Act performed ‘Deadly Distraction’ that promotes essential road safety information to our Year 7 and Year 8 students, equipping them with essential skills to stay safe when travelling on and around roads as pedestrians. The live presentation aimed to contribute to a longer-term behaviour change that benefits individuals, communities and the wider environment in regard to staying safe around roads. Our students enjoyed the workshop finding it interactive and a fun way to learn about road safety. They were engaged and contributed throughout the workshop.

5th and 15th July 2022: Hope NOT Hate attended LPS with their workshop on Harmful Language. This time working with our year 8s & 9s. The workshop aims for pupils to understand the full impact of “lazy” discriminatory language and why it is important to cut it out and challenge others.

7th June (Year 7) and 10th June 2022: Split Banana have partnered with The Eve Appeal to deliver the Know Your Body project, which is a workshop they will deliver to our Years 7 & 8 focused on menstruation, anatomy and HPV and cancer.

Healthcare experts, RSE organisations and sex educators have come together to design workshops and resources which are inclusive, interactive and cancer-preventative, to help young people understand their bodies better.  

21st April 2022: Hope NOT Hate attended LPS with their workshop on Harmful Language. The workshop aimed for pupils to understand the full impact of “lazy” discriminatory language and why it is important to cut it out and challenge others who use it.

28th March 2022: Hope NOT Hate delivered their Harmful  Language workshop, the aim was for pupils to understand the full impact of “lazy” discriminatory language and why it is important to cut it out and challenge others who use it.​

9th March 2022: Financial literacy is how to handle money, how to save, budget, spend and invest. It is an essential life skill which at LPS feel it is important for our pupils to learn. The Money Charity provided our pupils with a much-needed workshop that supports their next steps towards university, apprenticeship and or work. Most students have money concerns about money which adds to the pressure of studying etc. The workshop was a resounding success where students were engaged, completing set tasks. 100% of the pupils in attendance agreed that the session was educational. They agreed that they learnt new information, and were more informed to make better choices.

14th March 2022: We had Hope NOT Hate delivering their workshop on Power and Prejudice.  The aim is for pupils to have holistic understanding of what discrimination means on a day-to-day basis and how discrimination, power and inequality are interlinked.

28th February - 2nd March, we had the Upfront Theatre Company completing an interactive Workshop (running at 90 minutes) exploring Mental Health and Self-Harm, including how the pandemic has impacted young people’s emotional wellbeing​ to our year 7-10 & 12s this provided students with useful information and strategies to cope in such challenging times.

After working with our year 10s and 11s, we were pleased to announce that the Osmani Trust returned to LPS on Friday 21st January 2022. They completed a workshop supporting our year 9 boys with strategies on how to manage conflict and behaviour. Their approach was a resounding hit with the other year groups, and we believe they will have the same impact on year 9s.