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Staff CPD


CPD 2023-24

CPD (whole-school)

This focuses on the LPS Lesson Expectations:

Term 1: Challenge and Retrieval (lesson-starts)

Term 2: Modelling (lesson-main)

Term 3: Independent work (lesson-main)

Term 4: Assessment (lesson-main)

Term 5: Talk Partners (lesson-main)

Term 6: Consolidation (lesson-ends)

 Each term, there will be:

  1. CPD-Explained (whole-school)
    1. In the first or second week of each term
    2. Explains the whole school pedagogy focus for the term
    3. Teachers can immediately start implementing this in their lessons
  2. CPD-Explored (faculties)
    1. In the following week after the 1st CPD
    2. Faculties explore the CPD focus from a subject specific point of view, discussing techniques and how they will apply them in their subject
  3. CPD-Evaluated (whole-school)
    1. Towards the end of each term
    2. Faculties and Departments share and showcase how they have gone about implementing the CPD
    3. As a school we evaluate this term’s focus with a view to adapting the following term’s CPD focus

CPD (bespoke)

The aim of these sessions is to provide tailored CPD sessions for smaller groups of teachers based on the areas for improvement that arise from the QET cycles and appraisals. These will be led by teachers who have expertise, have shown strong practice and are part of the leadership team or a UPS teacher. Teachers can select which session to attend or they may be guided to one by their line manager.