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Staff CPD

At Langdon Park, our teachers never stand still.  We are perpetually learning, adapting and improving our approaches to curriculum and pedagogy to ensure that all students are included in the learning journey of the school and that they can achieve their potential.  Central to our approach is the sustained improvement of student learning through teachers understanding and consistent use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) in classrooms.

Assessment for Learning is an approach to teaching and learning that seeks to motivate students to become responsible for their own learning through individual self-control, collaborative and community learning and through constant dialogue and feedback with their teachers.  There are many competing ideas for how to improve teaching and learning, however, the most effective and sustained way of improving teachers, the evidence suggests, is through a sustained engagement with this teaching philosophy and approach.

At Langdon Park School, we are committed to focusing our strategy for improvement on AfL.

Improving teaching and learning is not an easy or quick process.  Our two year journey of focusing on AfL through Teaching and Learning Communities follows a program designed by the Schools, Students and Teachers Network (SSAT) and Dylan Wiliam and Siobhan Leahy.  Teachers meet monthly to investigate their practice, learn new techniques and peer observe one another to see the techniques in action.  Teachers support one another to take risks, push beyond their comfort zones and critically reflect on their practice to help one another become better teachers.

At Langdon Park School, we understand that teachers need time and autonomy to reflect, collaborate, take risks and think about teaching so that they can provide students with the best possible education.  The Education Endowment Fund (EEF) evaluated the effectiveness of the SSAT program in February 2019 and found that learners in schools where this program was effectively implemented made the equivalent of two months’ additional progress in their Attainment 8 GCSE scores.  With empowered teachers and increasingly engaged learners, it is our priority to improve our teaching and learning to help highlight the power of being in a Langdon Park School classroom.  ‚Äč