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Student Leadership

We pride ourselves on having a culture that is built upon freedom and equality, where the student voice is heard on matters of importance such as how the school is run. The Student Leadership Group (SLG) discusses and decides on issues that matter to the students and are important to the whole school, giving students the chance to make a real difference to the smooth running of Langdon Park School. It encourages students to be active citizens by building self-confidence, learning how to treat others, making decisions and developing leadership responsibility on behalf of the student cohort. 

Students are also asked to complete a survey three times in the academic year. The changes made based on the student feedback is always shared with the students.

The SLG key priorities for 2022-23 are:

  • Raising and Giving
  • Rewards and Achievement
  • LPS Guarantee and Trips
  • Wellbeing for all

The SLG is made up of the following:

  • Senior Student Leaders
  • Year 11 and 13 Prefects
  • Student Reps
  • Inclusion Ambassadors
  • Student Receptionist
  • Student SEND Ambassador


Senior Student Leaders:

Our Senior Student Leaders are elected by the student and staff body at Langdon park as part of the election week. The students have to create a campaign and present in student assemblies and staff briefing during election week. Each student and staff member is provided with a ballot card where they can vote for a President, Head Boy and Head Girl.


We have prefects in year 11 and 13 who support in the running of the school as well as providing support for other students. All our prefects complete the LPS student leadership programme which includes training for running tours and public speaking. Our year 11 and 13 prefects complete lunch duties daily to support staff.

Student Reps

We have 2 student reps in each tutor group across the school. Students who wish to apply are required to complete an application form and provide staff references. If successful these students then complete the LPS Student Leadership Training programme.

Student Reps meet termly with their Head of Year. Their agenda items link closely with the 4BEs and include the following:

  1. Be professional
  • Raising and Giving
  • Behaviour and Attitudes
  • Recycling
  1. Be Inclusive
  • Bullying
  • British Values
  • RSHE
  1. Be knowledge
  • Homework and study skills
  • Reading Programme
  1. Be a Learner
  • Quality of Education


Year 7 Student Reps

Year 8 Student Reps

Year 9 Student Reps

Year 10 Student Reps

Year 12 Student Reps