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Upcoming Events 2023-24


Tuesday 9thBrook return to us with their workshop on Understanding Sexual Harassment being delivered to our year 10s. Their workshop provide our learners with developing confidence, knowledge of the law surrounding this topic with strategies on what to do and where they can go for support. More importantly, letting our learners know sexual harassment is NOT ok.

Monday 29th   we are delighted that Let Me Know who will be delivering their Sharing Implicit Image workshop to our Year 10 learners. This workshop gives young people a deeper understanding of the consequences of sharing sexual images and equips them with strategies to protect themselves Let Me Know (LMK) workshop are known for being informative and engaging, that challenges learners and their misconceptions.


Wednesday 21st Let Me Know return to LPS to deliver their workshop on Pornography.  The workshop will be challenging young people to think about porn differently, this workshop debunks the myths and examines how porn affects relationships.


Friday 1st, in this deep dive into module 2 with Let Me Know our young people (Year 10s) will explore real-life scenarios, and discover how to protect themselves in unhealthy situations. Learners will be applying critical thinking and problem solving skills, young people will explore the signs in different contexts and learn how to navigate their relationships.

Wednesday 6th Upfront Theatre return to ​LPS with the tour of their play and workshop Before Anyone Else  being delivered to Year 9s.  This workshop was created in response to the #MeToo movement. The play and interactive lecture explores consent, relationships and sexuality. Students are invited to identify positive vs. negative relationships and offer advice on how to end toxic relationships.​

Wednesday 13th March: Mind of the student is a registered charity that will be delivering their mental health workshop to key stage 3 learners, on depression, anxiety, confidentiality and social media.  The workshop includes an overview of mental health issue, with a video from Dr Chuks who will explain the topic in more detail and provide year 7-9 with self-help tips.  Please click here to access information letter.    Please click here to access the consent form



Wednesday 17th, Loudmouth are returning to see our year 8 learners with their performance and workshop ‘Working for Marcus’.  This theatre education programme raises awareness of Child Exploitation (CE). The programme explores grooming, child sexual exploitation, online safety, consent and exploitation into crime including county lines and knife crime. It helps young people aged 13 and upwards to spot the signs of grooming and where to go for support.


Wednesday 8th Year 10 will continue learning about Sex and the Law with a workshop delivered by Brook. This will provide learners with an understanding of how the law protects them and others, addressing misconceptions.