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In Citizenship we want students to be critical thinkers, articulate knowledgeable learners and inclusive collaborators.

Year 7

Citizenship Yr07 T2 Identity and Diversity - What is my identity_ Does it promote diversity of division?

Citizenship Yr07 T4 Rights and Responsibilities - What rights do we have and how responsible do we have to be?

Citizenship Yr07 T6 Managing Money- How do I manage my money?


Year 8

Citizenship Yr08 T2 Democracy and Participation - How democratic is our country and can we truly participate?

Citizenship Yr08 T4 UK Political System - Who runs our country?

Citizenship Yr08 T6 Media Literacy-  Is the media lying to us? How do we know?

Year 9

Citizenship Yr09 T2 Laws and the Justice System- Is our justice system fit for purpose?

Citizenship Yr09 T4 Human Rights- Does the UK respect our civil liberties?

Citizenship Yr09 T6 GCSE Theme A - What are the origins of our diverse community and how does it shape our population?

Year 10

Citizenship Yr10 T1  Theme A Local Government - How does local democracy work? 

Citizenship Yr10 T2  Theme B UK Politics - Who runs the country?

Citizenship Yr10 T3-4  Theme B Westminster - How does Parliament work? 

Citizenship Yr10 T4  Theme C Law and Justice System - What is the law and how does it affect us? 

Citizenship Yr10 T5  Theme C Crime and Society - Is crime increasing in society and how do we address it? 

Citizenship Yr10 T6  Theme D Citizenship Participation - What power and influence can citizens have?

Year 11

Citizenship Yr11 T1 Theme E Taking Action - How do you successfully take citizenship action to promote a cause, seek change or benefit others? 

Citizenship Yr11 T2 Theme D Role of groups organisations How do different groups organisations participate in our democratic society? 

Citizenship Yr11 T3 Theme D Media - What is the role, responsibilities and influence of the media?

Citizenship Yr11 T4 Theme D- Does the UK have power and influence in the wider world?

Citizenship Yr11 T5 Theme D- What are the rights and responsibilities in global situations, including conflict? 


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