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In Drama, we want students to become confident performers, creative theatre makers and have a life-long appreciation for the dramatic arts

yEAR 7

T1.1 Drama is serious fun - Is Drama just for actors?

 T1.2 Brave New World-Why is empathy important in Drama and in life?

 T2.1 Sweeney Todd - Is there such a thing as pure evil?

 T2.2 Story Telling for a Modern Audience - Should we make stories from the past relevant for a modern audience?

Year 8

T1.1 Physical Theatre - How can 'we' communicate in life

T1.2 Response to Stimulus - why do we need stimulus to create drama

T2.1 Greek Theatre and The Chorus - What did the Greeks do for Theatre as we know it today?

T2.2 DNA Page to the stage - how can words be brought from the page to the stage

Year 9

 T1 Working from a script - are some lives more important than others

T2 Exploring Themes and Devising (The Hate You Give) - How can we theatrically present real people's life experiences?

Year 10

T1/A Introduction to GCSE Drama - Why is team work and spirit important in making successful drama?

 T1/B Careers in Theatre at Halfmoon C1/A - What careers can studying drama lead to?

                                         Live Theatre Review C1/C - Why is performance objective?

                                         Blood Brothers C1/B Practical Exploration - Nature or Nurture?

T2/A Oedipus and Tension  - Should we seek to look into the future? And try to change it?

                                        Stanislavski and Brecht - How can practitioners influence our own work?

 T2/A - T3 Devising, Devising Exam and Devising Log C2 - What is the true power of theatre?

Year 11

 T1-2 Texts in Practice (Component 3) - What does it take to ‘move’ an audience?

 T3-5 Understanding Drama (Component 1) - Why is Drama not just for actors?