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BTEC Business

Our mission is to stimulate and challenge our students to excel and provide a desire for lifelong learning and pursue careers in the world of Business, Computing and ICT.


BTEC Bus Yr10 T1- Do all new start-ups make a profit in the first year of trading

BTEC Bus Yr10 T2- Is market research important for a business to succeed

BTEC Bus Yr10 T3-T4 Which is more important for businesses to conduct PESTLE or SWOT analysis

BTEC Bus Yr10 T5 How did Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger come up with the idea for Instagram

Year 11

BTEC Bus Yr11 T1-T2 Are communication or presentation skills more important for business pitches

BTEC Bus Yr11 T3 Is John Lewis facing financial difficulties

BTEC Bus Yr11 T4 How did Haagen Dazs raise awareness for their ice cream

BTEC Bus Yr11 T5-6 Is it important for Tesco to hire accountants

Year 12

BTEC Bus Yr12 Unit 1 T1-2  Is President Trump a good leader

BTEC Bus Yr12 Unit 2 T1-T2 Is the market campaign for Marmite good

BTEC Bus Yr12 Unit 3 T3- Should individuals ever use balance transfer credit cards

BTEC Bus Yr12 Unit 1 T3-T4  Is the mobile phone an elastic or inelastic good

BTEC Bus Yr12 Unit 2 T3-T5  Is Primarks marketing campaign unique

BTEC Bus Yr12 Unit 3 T4-T5 Why are audit trails important

BTEC Bus Yr12 Unit 1 T4-5 Can a business survive if they are not innovative

BTEC Bus Yr 12 Unit 6 T1 Is President Trump a good leader


Term 1 How can event organisers ensure the health and safety of anyone attending the event

Term 1 and 2 Is Tesco successful in the American market

Term 1 and 2  Is versatility overrated as a skill

Term 2 and 3 Was the risk of disaster at Ariande Grande's adequately planned for

Term 3 and 5 Is McDonald's successful in India

Term 3 and 5 360 appraisals - are they bogus or can they be used to inform rewards systems

Term 4 and 5 Can ISFJ or ISTJ personality types lead events

Term 5 Is McDonald's successful in India