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Physical Education

For all students to graduate being physically educated and motivated to be successful in wider life, by being given the greatest opportunity to achieve through sport.

Year 7

PE Yr07 T1 Athletics - Who is a better athlete Usain Bolt or Mo Farah?

PE Yr07 T1 Dance - Is dance just for dancers?

PE Yr07 T1 Football - Who is the best football team in the world?

PE Yr07 T1 Netball - What would you rather be better at. Catching or throwing?

PE Yr07 T1 Rounders and Softball - Why is working in a team important for success?

PE Yr07 T1 Table Tennis - Would you aim for the GK in a penalty shoot-out?

PE Yr07 T1 Trampoline - How many shapes can you make when you a jumping on a trampoline?

PE Yr07 T2 Dance - How do we as humans take chances in life?

Year 8

PE Yr08 T1 Athletics - Are Heptathletes the greatest sporting athletes in the world?

PE Yr08 T1 Dance - Everything is hard before it gets easy. Do you agree or disagree?

PE Yr08 T1 Football - Are strikers better footballers than central defenders?

PE Yr08 T1 Netball - Are Goal Shooters better netball players than Goal Keepers?

PE Yr08 T1 Rounders and Softball - What skill is more importance to be good at batting or fielding?

PE Yr08 T1 Table Tennis - How can spinning the ball help us win table tennis matches?

PE Yr08 T1 Trampoline - What does it mean to be aesthetically pleasing?

PE Yr08 T2 Dance - Why is it important to take risks in life?

Year 9

PE Yr09 T1 Athletics - Are athletics skills the foundations for all sports there are in the world?

PE Yr09 T1 Dance - How does having a stimulus impact choreography and performance for an audience?

PE Yr09 T1 Football - Are team formations the reason teams win or lose football matches?

PE Yr09 T1 Netball - What netball position is the most important to a netball team?

PE Yr09 T1 Rounders and Softball - How do individuals impact on team performances?

PE Yr09 T1 Table Tennis - What’s more important for success in table tennis. A good serve, a good forehand Or a good backhand?

PE Yr09 T1 Trampoline - How do you become a world-class trampoline gymnast?

PE Yr09 T2 Dance - How can understanding and celebrating different cultural traditions make us better human beings?

Year 10

PE Yr10 T1-3 -  Sports Psychology - Do you believe in mind over matter?

PE Yr10 T1-3 - Anatomy and Physiology - What is the strongest muscle in the body?

PE Yr10 T1-3 - Physical Training - What is the most important component of fitness for formula 1 driver?

PE Yr10 T1-3 - Socio-Cultural Influences - Is take drugs to improve sporting performance the same as using the best technology to improve performance?

Year 11

PE Yr11 T1-2 - Movement Analysis - Does your height determine how strong you are?

PE Yr11 T1-3 - Health, Fitness and Well-Being - Can you be healthy but not fit?