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In science we want our students to be resilient, life-long learners with an inquisitive mind-set and curiosity about the world around them.

year 7

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Science Yr07 T1 Earth - How big is the solar system?

Science Yr07 T1 Matter - What is the universe made of?

Science Yr07 T2 Organisms - How do micro-organisms play a role to keep us alive?

Science Yr07 T3 Ecosystems - Why is it important to ensure balance within an ecosystem?

Science Yr07 T3 Energy- How will we generate energy in the future?

year 8

Science Yr08 T1 Digestion - Is our food killing us?

Science Yr08 T2 Forces and Matter - What are plastics made of? Which metals are dangerously reactive?

Science Yr08 T3 Ecosystems - Where do we get our energy from?

year 9

Science Yr09 T2 Bonding, structure and properties of matter - How does chemical bonding explain the properties of materials?

Science Yr09 T2 Atomic structure - What are the uses of radioactivity in industry?


year 10

Science Yr10 T1 Organisation - How is our body designed to function at the various levels of organisation?

Science Yr10 T2 Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table - How is atomic structure related to the periodic table?

Science Yr10 T2 Particle Model of Matter  - Where do all particles get their energy from?

Science Yr10 T3 Chemical Reactions - How do Chemist and Chemical Engineers manipulate reaction variables to optimise the products of chemical reactions?

Science Yr10 T3 Homeostasis and Response -How is our body cells designed to survive within narrow physical and chemical limits?

year 11
Year 12
Year 13
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